Established in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA USA

Indie XO is the ultimate e-boutique for trendsetters to be inspired, shop, and share in fashion. After years of hard work, Indie XO was founded by one ambitious female entrepreneur with a passion for spreading happiness through shopping around the globe. Our founder started this company with one Ebay sale and after 3 years launched the site you see now from scratch. Indie XO is now the premier online store and a trusted source of style and trend enthusiasts who are always seeking out the freshest clothing and accessories. Our repeat customer base of fashion bloggers, Instagram famous personalities, and A-List Celebrities from around the globe give us their endorsement and spread our name. But you don't have to be a celebrity to love our clothing. The Indie XO girl loves finding unique pieces designed to brilliantly style with everything from a budget-priced top or a luxury-priced event ensemble.

Located in sunny Los Angeles, CA, USA our clothing is inspired by the free flowing vibrations of the city and the ocean. Here you will find casual everyday pieces and the perfect date night bandage dress. When you shop at Indie XO you will find that perfect party dress and that great outfit for your next amazing vacation all in one place!

The Indie XO girl isn't just one age. But she's smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet and romantic. She's concerned about the world around her and tries her best to keep a healthy body and mind. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between. Who loves Taylor Swift as much as she loves the 60's, and can't resist petting any dog that passes her by on the street.

New arrivals are added almost daily so keep coming back to check out what we have because our styles are made in limited quantity and sell out fast. We always offer sales and promos because we know that makes it easier for you to afford these great runway styles and classic trends. The best way to score deals is to sign up with our email list. Follow us on Instagram for style inspiration & behind the scenes coverage of the company.

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Now more than ever we need to think about protecting our planet for future generations to come. We wrap your items in tissue paper.  We do not wrap any of our products in plastic and never will. There is so much plastic clogging up the oceans and harming its beautiful creatures that we do not believe in contributing more. Also we use 100% Recycled and Recyclable Mailers to ship our items to you. Lastly, we do not believe in making clothing that gets tossed in the trash after a couple wears. Every item we make is made and designed with long term wear in mind. We are constantly looking for more ways to make our company more sustainable so if you have any ideas please feel free to email us! Please don't forget to recycle our mailers after you open them. Thank you.


Send us a receipt showing you donated 5 pieces of clothing to your favorite charity and we will send you a coupon to save 15% off on your next purchase. So much clothing today ends up in landfills, why not give some stuff away that you no longer want to someone in need? Here are some great charities that are always looking for donations.




Local Shelters, Crisis Centers, and Churches